Pumpkin Pancakes-21DSD approved!

Good afternoon!

Today is day 3 (really 5 since I started) and I just could NOT eat eggs again for breakfast. Eggs, it isn’t you, it’s me. No…it is you. You are good and easy to eat but I just wanted, something starchy. Something I am not supposed to have, I wanted pancaked! Smothered in butter and maple syrup. But we all know that those are a big no no on this detox so I did what any rational person would do, I searched Pinterest!

I came across a blog called ExSoyCise and she posted a recipe for Pumpkin Pancakes that are 21DSD approved! SWEET!

Looking through the ingredients I saw that I did not have almond flour, though I did have coconut flour. If you have ever baked with coconut flour then you know how finicky it can be, and if you haven’t, now you know. It is definitely different than regular flour in the way it behaves in baked goods. But it is all I had so I went for it.

I can’t say I had high hopes in these pancakes, only because my almond butter cups resulted in disaster. As in, I came to realize I can’t stand bitter chocolate. Blech. But I made them and they were…I want to say GREAT, like real good, delicious even, but I can’t. I can say they were ok. I think it is because I only used coconut flour and so they were kinda dry. They needed to be smothered in maple syrup, and more syrup with a side of syrup. Honestly, they weren’t half bad, they made me satisfied and I didn’t have to have eggs again and I will probably make them again. Also, my 3 yr old daughter ate them, so that is a good thing right?

So, here is the recipe I used! (Follow the link above for her recipe, you may find that to be better.)

Pumpkin Pancakes



2Tbs Coconut flour

2 eggs

1/4 cup pumpkin (pure pumpkin, not pie filling)

1/2 Tbs almond milk**

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp pumpkin spice

dash of baking soda

optional-1tsp vanilla extract

Coconut butter for topping

2 Tbs Coconut oil or enough to coat your pan.


Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl. Mix all wet ingredients in a bowl then combine wet and dry ingredients until just mixed.

Place skillet on stove top with coconut oil at a medium temp.

Drop spoonfuls of batter on skillet and let them cook, you’ll be able to tell when they need to be flipped. Flip and cook the other side and you’re done! Top with yummy coconut butter and you’ve got yourself a “not another eggs for breakfast” kinda breakfast!


**The author of the linked post above commented and let me know that by adding more almond milk (if using only coconut flour) it may yield a better pancake! Here is to trying!

Happy detoxing!


Day 2(4)-21DSD

Hello Day 4 disguised as day 2. 🙂 Ok, Day 2. But today started out so much nicer! I had ENERGY, yo. Like I woke up, jumped out of bed and got the day going by singing Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up.” It is like my day was Rick Rolled! Sweet.


^^Good, but I am still giving up sugar!^^

ENERGY-About a 7.5, I am feeling pretty good! I went about my morning routine, didn’t feel tired or even think about starting with coffee.

MOOD-Good, surprisingly good!

MOTIVATION-Moderate, but I am in good spirits.

WORKOUT-Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 level 1.

Today it happened! I didn’t even want to nap! I do not actually nap a lot, but I always want to. I find myself tired enough to fall asleep several times a day. Constantly needing to drink coffee or those 5 hour energy drinks and guess what? I didn’t feel like that today at all! This is actually great, I am starting to feel more normal. I also didn’t have any sweets today (as in a banana or apple).

Breakfast-Eggs with green pepper, spinach and tomatoes with a bit of olive oil.

Lunch-Tuna with avocado and tomato on a Romain lettuce leaf and celery.

Dinner-Tacos! I made it with lean turkey meat, homemade taco seasoning, full fat sour cream, a smidgen of cheese, tomatoes and avocado. Very yum. Also on a Romain lettuce leaf. I almost added lettuce to my taco but then realized it would be a bit redundant. The fam had corn tortillas. 🙂

Snacks I much on raw veggies and almonds.

So hoping I am getting away from the grumpiness and irritability that can happen when going through withdrawals.

Until tomorrow!

Happy detoxing!

Day 1-21DSD

Woot! So today is day one and I am actually motivated! I have been feeling nothing but fatigue and laziness and I didn’t get out to the store to get the food I needed before the big “snow storm.” I put snow storm in quotes because I live in Virginia and we go into a state of emergency when we have flurries out there. I wish I was kidding. So because there is 2-3 inches of snow outside, it is pure pandemonium and I will not chance going to the store until tomorrow. Being from Michigan (and they are really being snowed in this season), this is nothing to me. But because others aren’t used to it, I will not risk running into those folks trying to drive on the roads today. I live in a place where people have a hard time driving in sunny weather. But I digress.

So I am stoked to FINALLY make a change that will help me with my addiction. Let me tell you how bad it has gotten in the last couple days, we ordered pizza and I decided to get a 2 liter of Coke. I know, Devil’s piss right? I am not shi%%ing you when I say I drank almost the WHOLE 2liter that night.:( Yah, I said it. BIG ashamed face. Not even to mention afterwards I even had a fudge bar and a handful of skittles. And I felt like CRAP! Like bona fide poo.

Funny thing is I started feeling awful drinking it, but I kept doing it! I kept going for more and more because I was feeling more and more thirsty. And I still went and had even MORE sugar. What was I doing? I had mini convos in my head saying STOP, this is a binge and it is ridiculous but I just felt I needed it. I do not get like this often. Usually I do not even keep pop in my house (pop is soda for you folks that don’t know what pop is) but to me it is like crack! I can go without it for a long time, one drink and it is a constant need for the next fix. And in my case I didn’t need to rob my kids’ piggy bank, it was in my own refrigerator.

I felt ashamed the next day when my man opened the refrigerator and saw it was almost gone! I wanted to say it wasn’t me, but we all know it was. This is coming from the girl who one time fiending for pop SO badly I climbed on top of my cupboard and took down a COLLECTORS Pepsi can, popped it open and DRANK IT!! Seriously, who does that?? Look guys, I am gonna keep it real in this blog ok? I won’t sugar coat it (ooh sugar, I want to coat it in sugar!) this is the real deal. For those of you reading this, if this help you, motivates you to make a change, even if it is just ONE person then I feel good in writing this all down.


I went to bed fairly early last night, it was around 11 but I went to bed about 9:45pm. Since Sass had a snow day today I didn’t get up until about 9.


MOOD-Moderate, short on patience, not the happiest fry in the box.

ENERGY-Felt ok, tired, not feeling fully alert.

MOTIVATION-to work out? Low, to start this detox, high

WORKOUT-Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 Level 1

So I took my before pictures, my weight and measurements. Wanted to see if I lose anything at the end of this. It is not my goal but come on, who wouldn’t want to lose some pounds?? Summer is coming, I have some to lose!


I think it is because my mind KNOWS I am detoxing I am craving tons of food. Even foods I don’t even eat, like fried foods. Fried pickles more specifically. I started to get a headache, it could also be from no caffeine. On the 21DSD you don’t have to stop drinking coffee or tea but I did so I can gauge an accurate assessment of my energy levels without stimulants. I started to get real tired so I took a nap. This is also common for me. I feel after sleeping ALL night I need a nap. This is serious fatigue.


So, at the end of the day I had bad cravings. I wanted to go and squirt pure honey into my mouth and call it a night. My headache came back so I just drank even more water and I went to bed.

Hey, 1 day down right? 🙂 20 more to go.