Day 3 (5)-21DSD

Good evening everyone! I just want to say that today has been a great day. It has been great because my mood was wonderful, I had ZERO cravings for sugar, no headache, not irritable and my body just feels….dare I say normal? It is like, I eat and I feel…content. Not stuffed, not icky, not bloated, not unsatisfied, but how I am guessing I am supposed to feel when I eat nothing but whole good foods!

MOOD-Great, didn’t do much today but my mood was wonderful.

ENERGY-I had a lot of energy, I didn’t feel like slacking off when it came to chores. I just did it. No fuss, no caffeine, no sugar, and I feel great!

MOTIVATION-Moderate. I am feeling pretty good!


I posted earlier about the Pumpkin Pancakes I made, and I think I am going to try those again tomorrow. Just this time add more almond milk as the author to that recipe stated in a comment to me (so awesome she took the time to message me!) Lunch I had tuna and avocado again on my trusty lettuce leaf with a side of green peppers. Raw veggies as sides may not appeal to some, but I have always enjoyed it, so I don’t feel like I am depriving myself of “food” as that IS food to me. And dinner was YUM-O!

I love stir fry, but without being able to consume wheat or soy, I was on the hunt for something else I could use. I have been passing the bottle of coconut aminos at Wegman’s now for a few weeks trying to figure out if I should spent that much on a little bottle of “soy sauce.” I finally bit the bullet and I am glad I did! I could not even tell the difference and it wasn’t nearly as salty as soy sauce. I found it very good. I will continue to use this, I guess this will be another splurge item as it is not cheap. I think I paid almost $6.00 for the bottle.


I used to always make rice with my stir fry, until I was introduced to quinoa. But since I can have NEITHER on the 21dsd I decided to make cauliflower “rice” that I have seen all over Pinterest. I did not have any raw cauliflower on hand, only frozen so that is all I can go by, but I really enjoyed it! It did the trick and I felt like I was eating rice, but I was eating just another vegetable! SWEET!

To make the Cauliflower rice all I did was empty the bag of frozen florets into a colander and ran water over them to defrost a bit. Then took small handfuls and placed it into my blender on the grate mode for a second. I put it in a skillet with olive oil and added some garlic power, salt and ground pepper and cooked until I found it to be done.

One thing I will say, I am not a real recipe type girl, I am the dump and pour cook. So it is hard to give exact measurements. Only time I follow measurements is when baking. Next time I make the cauliflower rice I will probably sautee some garlic first to omit the powder, but I was trying to do this all at the last minute. I made my family rice, I like to be the guinea pig and try it out first but they all liked it as well! So this may be the new rice in the family!


I found a YUMMY looking dessert recipe on a blog I stumbled upon from PaleOMG that I was going to make tonight, but realized…I am not really craving sweets or any type of dessert at all so I will definitely save it for another day. Be on the look out for when I make it! But check out her blog, she has TONS of food ideas on there and some that are 21DSD approved! Until tomorrow.

Happy detoxing! 🙂