Day 2-21DSD

Today was another snow say so I slept in again, to 8:45! I should probably just get up earlier because it will add time to my day. But I told you, I can be majorly lazy so. Anywho. My headache is gone! So that is great but I am super sore from my workout. My inner thighs and booty are screaming at me today. But I like that, means I did something right.


ENERGY-Feel ok, not tired but don’t feel real energized but not drained. Does that make sense?

MOOD-Good, not as irritable as yesterday.

MOTIVATION-Low to Moderate, I am hoping to get a workout in today but because my man works nights he is sleeping where I usually work out.


MOOD-Woah, not good. I find that I am extremely irritable, and get ridiculously angry over the littlest things. The book warned against this. Going off the juice can affect moods. Well, it did mine! Super grumpy, irritable and angry over nothing. I had to put myself in time out several times today.

OK…..:( Don’t be disappointed in me, I was good for breakfast and lunch. But I forgot that today was scheduled for me and the honey to have Outback for dinner! UGH, why didn’t I just start the detox on Wed?? Well, even though I was ALL good yesterday and all of today my dinner pretty much ruined it. I had steak, guys. And steak is ok for 21DSD but probably not Outback steak! And I had a WHOLE bread.:( And salad with ranch dressing and a fully loaded baked potato and A1 sauce. Yup. And that wasn’t all. I had…….lemon squares! *hides face* HEY!! It was our anniversary and because we wanted to stay home, we got it to go. Our anniversary is an excuse right??? 😦

And when I was done, I felt AWFUL! It wasn’t all guilt, it was because that stuff wrecks havoc in your system! Gluten, sugars, bad everything! I felt an instant headache, and just TIRED! Like I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Ugh, just felt gross. But, I didn’t have pop!

So….tomorrow is day 1 all over again. But because I only fluffed on dinner and not the whole day I will put the other day number in () in the title. 🙂

Happy detoxing!