Day 1 (3)-21DSD

So today should be day 3, but because of dinner last night and I want to give this an honest go with NO cheats, I am starting over. I want to give this a fair assessment, I want to see what this will do for my body and I can’t find out without following it like I am supposed to. So, Day 1 again.


ENERGY-Not bad, especially considering dinner last night.

MOOD-Kids are testing my patience, cabin fever setting in, but not seething angry like before.

MOTIVATION-For the detox, high. To workout, low. Even though it took me a bit longer to just do it, I did work out.

WORKOUT-Didn’t follow a program. Focused on arms, legs and ab/core.

HOW I FEEL-I’m bloated again, but that is to be expected because of last night. It is weird, seems the later the day goes on, the more energy I get. I don’t feel as tired and I just feel happier.

Now I am pretty much bouncing between levels 2 and 3 for the detox. I do not eat dairy much (allowed in level 2 not 3) but I went to Level 1 today with dinner. I had black beans. AND my first green apple! We are allowed a green apple, or green tipped banana or a grapefruit a day.

So tonight’s dinner was chicken cooked in coconut oil, 1/2 cup black beans, broccoli and carrots and I cut up my green apple and put it in a skillet on the stove top with some cinnamon and coconut oil. DIVINE!

I also decided to make those Almond Butter cups today. But I noticed my almond butter had sugar in it! NOOOOO so I made it with my natural peanut butter I had. No worries though, I couldn’t even eat these things! Bitter chocolate is hard for me to choke down! My kids wouldn’t eat it either. I don’t blame them. Will be an awesome recipe once I can add some natural sugar to it. But without? YUCK. NOOOO thank you. I’ll eat them if I get desperate. However, the coconut butter is YUMO!!! Nom nom nom.

Until tomorrow my friends!

Happy Detoxing!