Day 2(4)-21DSD

Hello Day 4 disguised as day 2. 🙂 Ok, Day 2. But today started out so much nicer! I had ENERGY, yo. Like I woke up, jumped out of bed and got the day going by singing Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up.” It is like my day was Rick Rolled! Sweet.


^^Good, but I am still giving up sugar!^^

ENERGY-About a 7.5, I am feeling pretty good! I went about my morning routine, didn’t feel tired or even think about starting with coffee.

MOOD-Good, surprisingly good!

MOTIVATION-Moderate, but I am in good spirits.

WORKOUT-Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 level 1.

Today it happened! I didn’t even want to nap! I do not actually nap a lot, but I always want to. I find myself tired enough to fall asleep several times a day. Constantly needing to drink coffee or those 5 hour energy drinks and guess what? I didn’t feel like that today at all! This is actually great, I am starting to feel more normal. I also didn’t have any sweets today (as in a banana or apple).

Breakfast-Eggs with green pepper, spinach and tomatoes with a bit of olive oil.

Lunch-Tuna with avocado and tomato on a Romain lettuce leaf and celery.

Dinner-Tacos! I made it with lean turkey meat, homemade taco seasoning, full fat sour cream, a smidgen of cheese, tomatoes and avocado. Very yum. Also on a Romain lettuce leaf. I almost added lettuce to my taco but then realized it would be a bit redundant. The fam had corn tortillas. 🙂

Snacks I much on raw veggies and almonds.

So hoping I am getting away from the grumpiness and irritability that can happen when going through withdrawals.

Until tomorrow!

Happy detoxing!


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